Our History - Our success story

The recorded history of Dakshina Lanka runs back to 1930s and boasts of an unblemished business span over 75 years. Ours ranks as one of the legendary and grandeur business enterprises hailing from the colonial times. Still the proud tradition continues, trust runs deep and ethics preserved well. Here are some milestones in the annals of our Golden History.

1930 - Dakshina Lanka Jewelers came into light by its founder Late Widana Gamage Leiris De Silva Optical section introduced

1965 - Mr. Widana Gamage Premaratne, son of Mr. Widana Gamage Leiris De Silva takes the reins of the Business.

1960s - Business gets English transcript name South Ceylon Jewellers

1988 - Business reverts back to original name Dakshina Lanka Jewellers

2000 - Converted to a Limited Liability Company by Mr. Widana Gamage Premaratne taking the charge as Managing Director.

2013 - Mr. Widana Gamage Chamath Premaratne becomes the Managing Director and continues the traditions to new horizons. Introduces two separate companies for both arms of businesses.


CSR Profile - Our People

Matara is our Home and Matara people are our family.

For generations, we have maintained an inseparable bond with Matara people. As an iconic business enterprise in Matara, we have been an integral part of the rich business culture of Matara. So it is our bounden duty to serve our own people who have raised us to greater heights.

Here are some of our welfare programs which have been adored by our Matara community.

  • A Scholarship for University of Ruhuna in the name of Late Widana Gamage Leiris De Silva, founder of Dakshina Lanka Group of companies.

  • Design of Gold medals to University of Ruhuna in their convocations.

  • Conduct of free eye camps / health camps.

  • Distribution of spectacles free of charge among low income groups.

  • Free medicine, consultancy and eye care facilities for the needy.

  • Special discounts for eye glasses for students and teachers.

Eye Checking Workshop held at Divisional Secretariat Weeraketiya