About Mr.Silva - a poetic appreciation

A boy in a village with a meagre education
Had ideas far above his station
As a youth he was lively and bold
Confident of spnining wishes in to gold

Gazing out on the sun kissed shore
He knew that he wanted more
The boy grew into a bright young man
with a vision and grand master plan

Like the little engine that could
How many foresaw that he would
Establish his first busoness optics
Using wise and clever tactics

He thought he could and so he did
Another business was his bid
To make gold and gems in to shiny things
Bracelets, ecklaces, pendants and rings

Inspired by his family and the languid ocean
His heart was captured by a powerful notion
A destiny he had to fulfil
If there was a way, then he had the will

Diamonds, garnets, emerald and rubies
Mr silva knew that these beauties
Would enthral and grace many a lady
That genteel men would pay for handomely

All that glittes is sometimes gold
And hand-cut precious gem stones hold
Their lustre, value and finish
So wlling punters did not diminish

If a man is captain of his ship
He needs a mate to share the trip
So Mr Silva found a beautiful girl
One with a heart as pure as a pearl

A good life is not easily measured
But in his wife he found priceless treasure
He knew he was on to a very good thing
Booming sales mode the cash registers sing

Passionate, industrious and shrewd
Nine was the number of his brood
His imagination was just as fertile
With good business sense he soon made a pilc

But business life is not fee from trouble
And some would have liked to burst his bubble
Mr Silva being a man of steel
Knew how to win and seal the deal

Following Mr silva's untimely demise
The business passed on for his sons to rise
His motto was that nothing is impossible
But kith ad kin are men that are fallible

Sons of rich men inherit a lot
But brains of the rich can wither and rot
If they're not following a wholesome path
Family feuds may cost home and hearth

If the next generation leaves a mess
And business and family ills are not addressed
The business will surely flounder and fail
If integrity and intelligence do not prevail

Dhakshina Lanka is our noble birth right
To protect it we must be fearless and fight and fight
Going global is the new game plan
To reach new heights will take a determined man

SO let us resolve to build the dynasty
Far beyond the 21st Century
Blood that's united is thicker than murky waters
Let Mr Silva be proud of his (grand) sons and daughters